Brand name products that have been safety tested and approved are the only products we use. Your safety on the road is paramount. You’ll love the look and feel on your car repair.

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Affordable Prices

Unparalleled Service

For over 50 years the techinicians at Ted Sova's Body and Fender Repair have transformed cars to just-like-new condition. If you’ve been in a wreck or have auto repairs that need to be completed, our technicians are ready to help.


With the newly installed paint booth that utilizes the environmentally friendly "waterborne" paint process, Ted Sova's Body and Fender Repair is one of the few auto body repair shops that is both certified and recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Unmatched Auto Repair Experience

Amazing Quality

When it comes to your mode of transportation nothing should stand in the way of quality auto service. Our team takes every measure to provide you with exceptional service.

Get peace of mind from professional technicians who know how to repair your car at the most affordable prices. Our team will ensure that our price is the most competitive in town.

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